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Catalogue of CDN parts for Chinese cars

About company

CDN company was founded in 2009. The main part of the production is based in southern China. During this short period of time CDN has performed as a supplier of high quality products, it is producing parts for such Chinese cars as Chery and Geely. Currently, the company has great experience in the production of electric spare parts, engine parts, steering parts, clutch and brakes. CDN is a rapidly developing company that is increasing the range of products every day. All the products produced by CDN are completely identical to OE products and are manufactured on the same production line, this allows CDN company to be one of the best companies which is manufacturing parts for Chinese cars. During these 8 years CDN proves that quality, safety, reliability

and long service intervals are the main components without
which the company could not have been so popular
in the automobile markets of the world.

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